Hey there, we are Erin & Sherwin.

The idea for HausLife birthed when we found ourselves, during consultation sessions with friends and clients, frequently being asked similar questions about real estate in Singapore. These questions were, more often than not, based on the same misconceptions that most people seem to have.

We are no professional writers, but we wanted to find a way to answer these questions in a clear and engaging manner without using technical jargons that might bore/confuse people, so ta-daa!

We want you to know that buying and investing in real estate is not as daunting as it seems – as long as you have the right guidance and fundamental knowledge of our real estate landscape.

Our common goal is to be able to positively influence everyone around us towards the right mindset about real estate and to help them take the first step in the right direction with our experience and advice.

Now, a little bit about ourselves…

We met in Victoria Junior College, went on to Business School in Nanyang Technological University together, and both graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. We have always been big believers in the concept of growing wealth through investing (safely), and have been studying ways to do so since our business school days.

Erin is a seasoned real estate investor in New Zealand. She ventured there on her own in 2011 and discovered the value of real estate investment in Auckland. After 7 years of investing and developing properties, she now has a stable portfolio and hence made the decision to return home to actively pursue her passion in real estate through real estate portfolio planning for others here.

This year marks Sherwin’s 6th year in the real estate industry. Apart from her interest in real estate investment, what drives her in this industry is knowing that clients are comforted by her service, professionalism and genuineness in helping them in their real estate journey

Outside of work, we are avid readers, coffee and red wine drinkers, hiking enthusiasts and film buffs.

If you are just about to begin your real estate journey, or halfway through and feeling confused af, or just wanting another perspective, reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram!

We are both licensed Real Estate Salespersons with Propnex Realty.