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We want you to know that buying and investing in real estate is not as daunting as it seems.​

what we do

Market Talk

Keeping you updated with the hottest real estate discussions in town. Are they facts? Or just noise?

Property Guides

Simplified step-to-step guides to buying, selling, renting or investing in real estate.

Action Plan

Understanding what you need, and tailoring a custom action plan that is suitable for you.


(n.) Our core belief that the right decision made in Haus-related matters can have a compounded benefit in one’s Life.

Why Us?


Making a real estate related decision can be daunting and stressful.
We are here to walk you through it from day 1 to the very end.
Expect nothing less.


Real estate investment involves your hard-earned money. We take that very seriously. You can trust that we are always 100% committed to giving you advice with your interests in mind.


We are planners by nature. We can’t tell the future but we certainly love to plan for it. Be rest assured that we do our best to ensure that our advice is in true alignment to your long term goals.

First Home Buyer Programme

Your first home is likely to be the most expensive purchase you are about to make, yet. This is highly pivotal in your life; it can either put you on a fast track towards or set you back from your financial goals.

Talk to us before you make the huge decision.


Erin and Sherwin were very sincere and it was evident that they put in great effort to understand what I need. They also demonstrated good understanding of the market, very patiently and promptly answered my questions and were able to support their answers with factual market data. Most importantly, they have always acted in my best interest and have never pressurised me into making a decision.
First Time Investor, 32
As a first time property owner, I naturally had a lot of questions when it came to purchasing my first property. Fortunately, Erin and Sherwin were patient in answering any questions I had and even went over and beyond to guide me in ensuring I made the best decision for my budget. I also appreciated that they are not afraid of asking the necessary and hard questions to facilitate their client’s thinking in arriving at the best decision for your needs. Through working with both of them, I did not only invest in my first property but also received an education on property investment and wealth management!
First Time Investor, 29
Erin and Sherwin were friendly and very knowledgeable agents. They went the extra mile to educate and balance my finances, making sure that first time buyers like myself is comfortable with the decision of owning a property in Singapore. They were also extremely prompt to responding any queries I have, over text or phone calls. Thumbs up to this duo and I look forward to many more opportunities to work with them in future.
First Time Home Buyer, 30

Need Advice?

We are planners by nature. We believe that a smooth process requires solid planning.

Be it buying your first home or investment property, or wanting to sell your home for an upgrade, sit down with us for a free consultation session before embarking on this journey.