Let's talk about numbers.

Whether you’re just starting out with your first investment or looking to flip your investment properties, it is important to have a game plan in mind. 

Researching real estate data will take up a lot of time and energy. More often than not, many find themselves lacking important information or interpreting certain data. 

Here at HausLife, we work with investors day in and day out. We have the necessary data at our fingertips to help you make an informed decision based on your objectives and needs.

What we'll talk about

  • Deconstructing real estate myths — Location, location, location. Is this really true?
  • The debate between profitability of freehold vs leasehold investments
  • New launches vs resale projects — does the former really give you a bigger bang for your buck?
  • Insights into why some condos consistently outperform their neighbours
  • Strategising an investment plan that works for you based on your profile
  • Data-driven research that gives you the confidence to progress with your plans
  • Using the HausLife Investment Checklist to ascertain if the entry price is right

Frequently Asked Questions

1 month rental + GST for a 2 year lease. 

An LOI is submitted to the Landlord by the Tenant to express intention in renting this property. This letter would have important details such as both parties’ particulars, lease term, start and end date, any special requests by Tenant, etc.

Please note that this is not the Tenancy Agreement yet.

This LOI must be submitted to the Landlord together with a goodfaith deposit (something like a booking deposit), which forms half of the total security deposit eventually once the Tenancy Agreement is signed.

The amount for the good faith deposit in Singapore is typically equivalent to a month’s rent for a one-year lease or two months’ rent for a two-year lease. 

For full unit rentals, no. Tenants will be responsible for the setting up of accounts and monthly payments for these services.

For room rentals, yes it is possible that these fees are included in the monthly rent.

This applies to foreign tenants. In the event the Tenant are no longer employed, transferred to other countries, he or she can terminate the lease after 12 months by giving 2 months’ notice along with documentary proof of the unemployment/transfer. Please note that most landlords will only include the diplomatic clause if the lease is more than a year. 

There will be a reimbursement clause together with the diplomatic clause that states that if Tenant exercise the diplomatic clause, he or she will have to reimburse part of the commission (pro-rated) the landlord had paid.

To take up a contract for quarterly servicing of aircon units.

All minor repairs that cost under a certain amount agreed upon in the Tenancy Agreement (usually $200 and below), will need to be borne by the Tenant.

To do up a round of minor repairs, professional cleaning and dry-cleaning of all curtains,  before handover at the end of lease. Basically, the idea is that you should return the house in the condition you received it in.

Based on official regulations by Council for Estate Agencies (CEA), the duties of an agent “ends after the landlord and tenant sign the tenancy agreement and the property is handed over to the tenant. Estate agency work does not include the handling of property management issues (e.g. facilitation of repairs to faulty appliances or furniture during the course of the tenancy, collection of rental payments, refund of security deposits).” You can read more about it here.

However, here at HausLife, we typically assist with all issues during the tenancy unless our client instructs otherwise.

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