What you should avoid for showflat visits?


Like walking in on your own or registering for a “VVIP” invite.

How Does The New Launch Process Work?

Preview: The showflat is open for visits 2 weeks prior to launch day.

Ballot: Interested parties will get a chance to join the ballot and obtain a queue number.

Launch Day: Units are available for purchase.

In the days leading up to the preview, you would see many websites or social media pages trying to get you to register for “VVIP” visits to enjoy “early bird” or “developer discounts”.

Marketing Gimmick.

Unfortunately, 99% of these aren’t official. They are run by agents, and these words are just used to hook you to visit the showflat with them.

The real VVIPs, who sometimes get to purchase first, are people who may have special connections to the developer or are bulk purchasers.

Basically, just remember: EVERYONE is a VVIP/Early Bird during preview phase.

This “status” should not be the basis on which you decide which agent to work with for one of the biggest purchases in your life.

Are You Getting The Full Picture?

Think about this logically.

When you register with an agent whose website promotes a particular project, or when you walk into a showflat and get assigned to an agent at the counter, what would you be getting —

a sales pitch of the project or

consult tailored to your investment objectives?

What A Typical Sales Pitch At The Showflat Sounds Like.

– Highlighting all the positives but downplaying the negatives.

– Focusing on the emotional aspects of the project such as the design, the brands, etc.

– No prior or shallow understanding of your investment objectives and circumstances.

– Investment analysis may be presented, but often comes in a standard kit that may only have cherry-picked examples that promotes the project.

– May be subject to sales-y tactics which may make you feel unnecessarily pressured or rushed.

There’s A Lot More To Do Than That.

At HausLife, we adopt a consultative approach— the first order of business is always to understand what our clients want/need, before we tailor a plan for them accordingly.

Due to the nature of this approach, we need to conduct objective analyses of not just a few, but all the projects in the market.

We will not blindly recommend just any project to you. Research work is already done in advance before we propose that you visit a particular showflat.

Here’s A (Very) Concise Summary Of What We Do.

Rule #1: New launches are not for everyone. We will let you know if it doesn’t suit you.

Rule #2: Not all new launches are good investments.

Our HausLife Investment Framework for new launches covers extensively everything you need to know, including the risks you are taking on.

We will take you through detailed calculations and projections so you are super clear on where you are at and where you will be.

stringent purchase strategy will be in place, because even if a project is good, it doesn’t mean that all units are worth buying.

Don’t Shortchange Yourself.

Speak to us if you’d like a non-obligatory free consult!